Usangi Northern Pare Mountain Tours

Pretty Usangi lying in a verdant valley ringed by mountains, Usangi is the heart of the northern pare mountains and the best base for hiking. Dry to Green Adventure offers you the following tour where you can get a real impression of rural African life.

Climbs to different mountains for excellent views of Lake Jipe

Kilimanjaro mountain and nyumba ya mungu dam (House of God)

A glimpse of Pare culture

A view of the various projects like soil conservation, irrigation, and reforestation

A visit to historical relics from the time of tribal war and colonial rule

A walk through Kindoroko forest reserve, a natural rainforest atop a mountain

Get to know about the rain maker from the well known Mavura family.

Tours of the Green Land of Usangi

Half day tour to Mangatu view point: Walk through farms on the lower parts of the slopes and climb to Mangatu moorland about 1624m.On the top is the Mbale clan forest and learn about how our ancestors used the forest to solve society problems, from where you get excellent views of Mount Kilimanjaro, and Lake Jipe.

One day tour: From Usangi hike up the Kindoroko mountain 2113m the highest peak in North pare. It is home of monkeys and many seasonal tropical birds. See stone terraces and modern irrigation system, and visit a traditional healer and a women’s pottery co-operation.

Another day trip: Kamwala mountain climb. Learn about the past and local traditional as you climb through the Chegho moorland. On the way to the top of the kamwala mountain, enjoy scenic views of pare mountains more than ten peaks .On descent we can take a visit to Shighatini village to talk to local farmers who have benefited from the improved agricultural techniques.

Walking tours of several days can be organized, hike through natural forest ,descend the mountains and spend a night with a family in the village of kisangara chini. Every Monday and Thursday in Usangi a colourful market is held where farmers from the surrounding villages come to sell their harvest. There are several local families willing to offer a room to tourist. For the better accommodation with self-contained and hot shower there is Mhako Hostel and Restaurant.